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Images from Chapada Diamantina
November 2, 2008, 12:18 pm
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This image was taken in Chapada Diamantina and the location is Fumacinha. To see more images of this category go to the category Chapada Diamantina on the webpages.

Located in the heart of Bahia, Chapada Diamantina is cut by mountains, large plateaus, rivers, rapids, waterfalls, caverns and transparent pools of water. It has several springs sprouting from the rocky cliffs and more than 35 rivers – the largest are the Paraguaçu and Preto Rivers. Due to relief variations and to diverse forms of vegetation, the fauna is very rich and some species can be seen very easily, such as humming birds, parakeets, parrots, capybaras, and small lizards. It also has some small rodents, known as mocós (a kind of guinea pig) – which adapt from the feet of calcareous hills to the plateaus, over the mountain – and even some species of large mammals threatened with extinction, such as jaguars and pumas.Chapada Diamantina’s attractions are innumerous, which make it difficult to choose where to start. One of these is the Enchanted Well, which receives sun rays from 10:30AM to 12:30PM, allowing the observation – through turquoise blue water – of even the tiny stones deposited 61 m deep. It is located in one of the many caverns in the area and it is the Chapada’s most famous postcard, but bathing is prohibited there.

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